International students

You’re going to study history in Nijmegen next year? The people below are going to help you during the orientation week in august. If you’re looking for more information in english, look on this website.

Group 1:

Dear introbabies,

Welcome to the introduction week for history students in Nijmegen. For some of you the concept of an introduction week might be new, but prepare for one of the best ─ however most exhausting ─  weeks of your life! During this week we will be your so-called parents and we will try to take care of you and introduce you to the ins and outs of the vivid student life in Nijmegen. We will meet you on Sunday 18 August at the campus. From this moment on we will do many activities in the city and on campus and you will get to know your fellow students.

However, to make this week indeed the best week of your life, there are a few things you need to know before coming to Nijmegen. First of all, make sure you have a place to sleep for this week (and the rest of your study). This applies for the Dutch students too. Also essential is one of the most Dutch things in the world, our famous bicycle! To get around the city you’ll need a bike. You can buy these on Marktplaats/Facebook groups for around €50,- or be sure you rent a bike in time before they are all gone. At Swapfiets you can rent a bike for about €13,- per month (including reparations). They have an introduction offer that you can rent the first three months for €11,50 per month. At the end of the letter we add some useful links for getting a room or bike. Furthermore in most shops and bars you can only pay by maestro cards or cash. Credit card are not that common here, so make sure you are able to pay for your drinks. At last we would like to know if you have allergies and/or dietary needs. If you have any problems before coming to Nijmegen, let us know! We are more than willing to help!

Now let us proceed with introducing ourselves. We are all very experienced students and that’s what makes us the perfect guides to the student life of Nijmegen. Let’s start with the eldest person!

This veteran is named Huub. We are all curious how you are going to pronounce his name, so give it a try! He is 24 years old and is currently taking a History master at the Radboud University. He has been studying for six years now in Nijmegen, so he does know how to get around the city. He seems a bit quiet, but when you get to know him or when he’s drunk he can be a bit rebellious and he might get in trouble with the police (real story). But apart from that he is very sweet guy with a great love for experimental and alternative music. Driven by his wanderlust he has been an member of the Travel Committee of the History Students Association (GSV Excalibur) for three years and spent an Erasmus semester in Berlin. He’s your perfect tour guide in every city and always in for a good conversation, but you meet Party Huub especially at festivals or parties from the GSV.

But the best part of Huub is of course that he has a relationship with Sem (23), your other parent. Her real name is Samantha but she does not like it if you call her that (so give it a try). Sem is a busy bee around the city, not just with studying but with working side jobs, volunteering at festivals, organising trips for GSV Exalibur, cooking, chatting with people, playing games and lots of other stuff: her agenda is always full. She will finish her Bachelor History next year and who knows what will happen after that. A good thing to know is that Sem can be very clumsy, so keep a distance when she is proper drunk. But even if there is no alcohol involved she will drop stuff (mostly on herself) or just fall down. Sem is always fun to have around and will take good care of you.

Your next parent is Matthijs (not Matthias), 22 years old and starting his masters next year. Matthijs is definitely the most eccentric one in the group. Despite his age you will still see him partying in town most days of the week: he loves flirting around and is not yet ready to settle down. He spent a semester abroad in Scotland where he picked up a strange Scottish accent and developed a fascination for this country. He even wrote his thesis about it. But it is not all partying: Matthijs is a smart guy who knows how to handle numbers, graphics, Big Data, anything that has to do with math. Besides this, he is a boarding member of the NSSR (Nijmegen Students Sports Council) and plays korfball (a Dutch sport that you will have to try). He is a very social guy and will make sure there is a lot of fun during your introduction week.

Last but not least, there is your final parent: Emma! Emma is 23 years old and starts the Historical track of the Research Master next year. Emma is a bright girl and really down to earth. Just like Matthijs, she spent a semester abroad in Scotland, but she kept her own accent. She is probably the most quiet from our group, but probably the funniest. You’ll barely see her stressed and she will make sure that everything will be all right. She is one of the kindest persons you’ll ever meet, but make sure you don’t make her mad. She’s one badass water polo chick and strong as hell, so you ain’t gonna win that one. In the evenings she likes to play games, have some good veggie/vegan food and drink a nice cold beer. Her cooking skills are amazing and she has always the most interesting recipes! Make sure you’ll try one of her fabulous meals.

As you can see we are a bunch of golden oldies, but we are happy to share our experiences in Nijmegen with you! You are free to add us on WhatsApp than we will make a group with all your “brothers and sisters”.

With kind regards,

Sem, Huub, Matthijs and Emma


Group 2:

Hey future History students! We are your mentors for the introduction that starts the 18th of augustus. We are really happy that you decided to come to the introduction with us and we are gonna have a blast of a time. This week will be filled with parties, lectures and other activities. We thought that it would be nice that you got to know us a little better before we begin.

Hi guys, I’m Anne-Jet, which is an extremely Dutch name so you can call me AJ if you think that’s easier. I’m twenty-two years old and going into my third year of the most amazing study there is, history. In my spare time you can find me at festivals, concerts or at the bar enjoying a beer, or several. Besides that I’m kind of a nerd who loves to geek about Marvel, Harry Potter and The Hobbit. I’m looking forward meeting all of you! We are going to share a great week together. Besides a lot of partying and showing you around the campus I’m hoping to show you Nijmegen and a piece of Dutch student life as well. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything! I hope you are going to feel right at home during and after the introduction, and ready to start your bachelor. See y’all in August!

Hi kiddos, I’m Thom, I’m nineteen and going into the third year of my bachelor. Next to my study and involvement with the awesome History Study Association GSV Excalibur, I really enjoy walking/cycling outside and playing basketball. I never say no to a cold beer and look forward to partying with you guys until the very end each night. However  I am naturally a morning person, so i’ll be available for serious and not so serious questions and troubles almost 24/7 ;). Introducing an international group, not only to Nijmegen and Radboud University but also to the Netherlands and the Dutch way of life in general, makes this introduction extra fun for me. I’m really looking forward to the introduction week, and I hope/think you’ll have a fun time and you’ll feel right at home in Nijmegen afterwards.

Hi everybody, My name is Jara, I’m twenty years old and I’m starting my third year of the study history this year. In my spare time I really like to hang out with friends, watch a good netflix-serie or play my beloved sport badminton. I’m so excited to meet you and have the best intro ever! I hope that I can help you discover Nijmegen and the way the dutchies do it :) and I hope you feel at home after that in our small country. We are here to help you in any way we can and to party alongside you guys. I like to drink a beer or two and I hope you will keep me company with that. I will also learn you the must-known Dutch songs every student at Nijmegen need to know, so you will fit right in. I can’t wait, so I hope to see you guys soon!

Hello friends (or vague acquaintances, whatever you prefer), I’m Zino, I’m twenty-two years old, and in my third year of the Bachelor program. Let’s start at the beginning, I was born in a little town in the “deep south” of the Netherlands in the province Limburg. I moved to Nijmegen about three years ago and lived here ever since. I think I’m the oldest, (or not, well at least I’m studying the longest amount of time) of the group although I might not act like it, partying is fun, but sitting in a pub having a few to many beers and talking about whatever the hell comes to mind really peaks my interest. Well then for hobbies, I really have only one. It’s quite Nerdy but bite me. I play Dungeons and Dragons like it is my religion. Fantasy novels and games are also my thing. So if you like tabletop-, board- or basically any sort of games, we will get along just fine. Furthermore, I think I’m quite funny -the other three might argue otherwise but again; bite me-. Since i’ve been living in Nijmegen for 3 years now and see myself as a local, knowing all the good spots to chill. Nijmegen is a beautiful city and I can’t wait to show it to you. Well let’s meet in August, see you then.

So guys, we hope that you know us now a little bit better and that you are excited for the introduction of course. We all hope to see you on the Sunday and have the best week ever with you. Till then!

Zino, Anne-Jet, Thom and Jara